Improve all customer satisfaction, research and develop the innovative products, ensure a profitable and competitive manufacturing structure, become a leading manufacturer of Interconnect products serving as a primary supplier to each industry for: internet and networking equipment; server and mass storage products; small-scale memory equipment; portable personal computing and mobile product market segments.
AMTA combines the design and logistics ability to support Amphenol sister division in Asia.


Offer the high-quality products and superior service, so as to ensure whole customer satisfaction.
Become a World-Class Interconnect and cable solution supplier in each marker served.
Build up the organization to better control the future growth and strength independently in order to offer reasonable remuneration for our board members, investor and the staff.
Being firm to protect the environment; by guaranteeing in the design and our engineering technique, that neither our products nor the manufacturing of, will allow it to be compromised.
5. Treat our customers honestly, manufacturer with integrity, respect our employees and their well being.