G.M. Office
Approve and announce company policy to develop organizational business.

Finance Department
Key duties include financial analysis, review and implementation of internal control and procedures, tax planning, budgetary and cost control and provision of timely and accurate financial and management reporting.

Sales & Marketing
Establish new customers, create customer relationship, achieve annual sales targets, represent the company and the core products, and promote new technology products to their market segments.

Product Marketing
Strategically survey the market segment and the product life cycle, implement a marketing strategy for sales, Stay stride for stride with the competition, challenge engineering technology wise to become advanced and ahead of the competitors alike, provide engineering with the future ideas for new product research and development.

Information Technology
Plan, manage and maintain all IT system, survey and purchase all hardware and software.

Quality Assurance
Build and maintain a QA system. Manage the Quality issues and the treatment thereof.

Customer Service
Sales order management, material and delivery arrangement. Create a good interface between internal staff and external members.

Vendor(s) management, build, maintain and execute purchasing related process, Supply Chain management.

Responsible for inventory management, customer shipments and ensure quality service in every aspect of the position. Ensure quality with every shipment.